Virtual Reception

For those that require more than message taking our Virtual Reception service goes the extra mile to create a first class impression.

  • Ideal if you would like to work without the constant interruption of the ringing phone but still keen to retain the option of speaking to your really important clients.
  • Ideal if you are not office based and work remotely. Callers can be connected to your mobile or home line.
  • Ideal if you want to create a professional "big company image".

How it works

  • You divert all calls to your Receptionist at ARBELL.
  • Your Receptionist will answer in your company name and establish the caller's contact details and the nature of their call.
  • Your Receptionist will connect the caller to your direct line (or mobile) and announce the details to you.
  • You will then have the option to take the call or decline the call.
  • If you are busy and decline to take the call then a message will be sent to you within seconds.

Optional Considerations