Referral & Reward Scheme Terms & Conditions

1. The payment/credit/voucher will be awarded by ARBELL upon completion of 3 months service by the new referral. If the lead fails to complete 3 months then no payment will be made.

2. Payment will be withheld if the new lead has a balance to pay for services provided by ARBELL.

3. Payment will be reduced to £25.00 (for all packages) if more than 5 calls are made to convert the lead into a sale or if 6 months or more has elapsed between submission date of the lead to ARBELL and the date of sale. ARBELL will make every effort to convert a lead into a sale within this time frame.

4. ARBELL reserves the right to change or alter the commission payment terms. If terms are changed then this will not affect the commission terms applicable to referrals already submitted to ARBELL at the time of the change.

5. If you select your Reward as a Credit with ARBELL then the following values will be credited to your account;

6. If you select your Reward as a Commission or a Voucher then one of the following will be paid;