Order Taking

If you would like to receive and process orders over the phone then your ARBELL Reception team can be trained to take these on your behalf.

  • Ideal if you operate an online e-commerce businesses which requires a telephone order processing presence.
  • Ideal if you wish to stand out from your competition by offering a personal and human touch to the automated e-commerce world.
  • Ideal if you wish to have a professional ready made affordable customer service department at your disposal.

How it works

  • You can divert all calls or just overflow calls to ARBELL or we can provide a dedicated order line number (0800 or landline for any town/city in the UK)
  • Your Receptionist will answer in your company name and establish the caller's contact details and the nature of their call.
  • If the caller wishes to place an order then your ARBELL Receptionist will work with the system you provide to process this. This can be your own online order taking/processing web page or just a simple order form for ARBELL to fax over to you!
  • For order taking activities we can offer you a fixed fee per order. Alternatively, we can also offer a fee based on the length of time we spend on the phone.
  • Please call us on 01256 486580 for more details or a quote.

Optional Considerations