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Our Motivation

We know that if we create a wonderful first impression for your callers you will grow and become successful and in turn we will benefit.

So we are not a company that just says it cares. We are not a company that makes hollow statements about being the best – like many do!

We put our money where our mouth is. We create a stress free working environment conducive to producing high quality call handling with high quality Reception staff.

How do we do this?

The structure and working environment is critical.

You can employ the best staff in the world, train them to the highest possible standards but if the working environment and structure is not right you will not get the best out of them!


We ensure our Receptions handle only 10 – 15 calls per hour (on average). Many "call centre" environments expect their staff to be handling 25-35 + calls every hour!

We achieve this by being consistently over staffed. This ensures our Reception staff do not have to race through calls so can spend as much time as necessary with each caller.

Our average call pick up time is somewhere between 3.5 to 5 seconds (or 1 to 2 rings). Many "call centre" environments average 20 seconds to answer calls!

As a direct consequence of being over staffed it means we are always ready for your call. Our direct competition is often astonished when we reveal just how quickly we pick up calls!

Our service levels are unrivalled!

We can therefore confidently guarantee that you will not find the same quality of service for the same price.

Within this office framework we ensure all the key ingredients are successfully added


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